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Nov 15, 2013 7:30pm PST
to the impacts on light and air when you have projects of a higher decent. in this situation there massachusetts was not any significant issues >> views are not protected. >> private views are not protected. >> nicole are there any public view issues. >> it's protected but not private. >> okay. any comments? >> i think ultimately this comes to two views and as the acting da said the views are not protected. i'd make a motion to uphold >> deny the appeal. >> uphold the permit on the boos that the planning and code - >> i'm sorry what. >> don't error. >> thank you for correcting me. i'm sorry >> it's okay. >> we have a motion to uphold this permit on the basis it's code compliant. on that motion to uphold commissioner fong is absent (calling names) thank you. the vote is 4 to zero and the permit is upheld on that basis. >> no other business. okay. the meeting is on behal commission. we are just proud to be a part of this great community event. >> we started this 3 years ago, this thing called met pole. it was part of sunday to participate in a pedestrian oriented family way. 3 years
Nov 16, 2013 1:30am PST
there's nothing before the states office the duo minute massachusetts has the component side of it but there's the fee side it would be tough to have a system be approved on secretaries day to be awarded the privilege to execute a contract and the system to be up in a couple of years >> just is quick question to follow up. the question about an all mail in election you have to be enabled by the state; right? no matter what type of election whatever it is it has to be approved by state >> that goes back and forth. i've heard it through the vote by mail but really it might be r be a question formerly to the city attorney's office >> complaegz any other questions i hope you get some rest and a mr. rose budget analyst report. >> yes. as shown this tables 2 and 3 those tables are on pages 17 and 18 of our report. the proposed cost a as indicated would remain at the same rate of $400,000 plus and 3 hundred plus for maintenance and license agreement and ross the rates that are currently charges under the existing 2007 to 2013 agreement. we also point out over the 3 year shown i
Al Jazeera America
Nov 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
enshshrined now. they'll probably get this right basbased on what happened in massachusetts. a w year from now we are at mid stormidterm elections. >> you mean politics has something to do this wit with t. >> we have the democrats that have stood by the president steasteadfastly and they have sd right by him it's not about him. the man is not running for public office again. it's about them. a couple of weeks ago the republicans we didn't think would get licked. licked -- elected. that is what i was going to say. >> two weeks ago everybody was talking about the government shutdown and the president was in grave danger. >> if you are a elected representative in louisiana a republican state. you are very nervous. if you see the president has a approval rating of 39% you wonder how you will get on when you go on the still to come starting early january. >> it's not just the republicans that are concerned about the roll out of the affordable care ability. act. even though they are not for it. the white house has been disappointed since day one about the roll out and they had to spell out the numbe
Nov 10, 2013 7:35pm EST
in massachusetts. it uses ideas out of the heritage foundation. the individual mandate was originated in the heritage foundation in 1989. the republicans introduced a similar legislation in 1992. you guys are complaining that this is a radical thing. it is filled with republican ideas and the other problem is, you guys have complained for four years and jumping up and down and complaining about how awful obamacare is. there is no republican alternative as far as i know. there is none that has been passed in the house. you don't have a comprehensive health care plan. the health care costs that we have in the united states have been rising and rising for the past 20 years. they are projected to continue to rise if there is no change. what is the republican alternative to the awful, harvell, terrible, ghastly obamacarec which is really romneyare? guest: i think it's true that in the 1990s, there were conservatives who were trying to be proactive and look for ways to solve the healthcare problem. it is wrong to say that all republicans embrace this idea and rally around it but there are
Nov 17, 2013 11:20am EST
to do more. massachusetts -- it worked, and god bless them. we were all looking for ways to expand to more people. this comes down and he jumped to 133%. i said, i am not worried about the computer glitch. it will fix that. they have a product problem. the product problem is this -- if we want to give the best care we can. if i met 100 and -- 133%, you might have more access than something i am forced to buy or that is a product -- that is a product problem. how do we give a young person the incentive to say, -- >> you're talking about sub standley up about trying to fix things. a lot of it is bridget. we are done with the. there are a lot of questions about what are the lessons learned about the shutdown and nearly breaching the debt ceiling. some people are saying that the tea party fire has been quelled. other people are saying you have ted cruz as popular as ever. you have people in the tea party who are ready to go. it does not seem to have the zeal for repeal and was skeptical about the mallet -- merits of a government shutdown. what you think things are as far as power in th
Nov 17, 2013 7:30pm EST
to be. i'm happy to share some of it with you today. from massachusetts rotary. it's about 5 miles north. as it turned out, the population is about 55,000. when i was writing this book i subleased a ten by ten office space from a local architect who was in fact a one-term rotary president and now signing up for a second term. he told me before i came in and told them i was coming to speak to one of the most prestigious and oldest and certainly friendliest rotary's in wichita, may be bigger he said, keep it short. these people around the lunch break. [laughter] but i did hear an awful lot. i'm glad to hear you guys don't sign each other. sure did not know how to keep the short. i think some of you in toward that. he was a faithful rotarian for more than 50 years. this was his club. he joined in 1950, and you can usually find in here without fail on monday. if he was out of town they often made it a point to visit with the rotary clubs like we have today. different cities in the united states. they claim -- it became clear. i have two books of features. he gave an awful lot of speeches her
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2013 2:00am EST
. if you look at when massachusetts rolled out the hethcare in 2007, the supposed data shows a lot of young adults came in at the last minute. weave a shoddy website. young adults are not going there. they are waiting. another point to be made. we saw the jobs report this week. have young adults looking for jobs. they're holding out on that option as ll. >> rich, there is another thing that young people are waiting for. having kids, i know how they work rick. rich, kids often will wait until they are forced to, until they are coerced to. and so far, they're waiting to see how much they can get away with, right? >> well, yeah. there's that. there is also the fact that the cultural ions, jon stewart are ochingly laughing at the program -- opingly laughing at the program. so you have technology that doesn't rk. this is a tech-savvy group of people. comedians on right and the left laughing at the program. and now you have number three, that obama broke his promises, said in 2009 and 2010. so, you kn, you have lack of trust going on here among young people. i will create actuarial death spiral.
FOX News
Nov 16, 2013 11:00am PST
from massachusetts. we're back with kim strousle and "wall street journal" editorial board member mary kissle also joins us. kim, start with you, what's behind the warren boom? >> the argument is if you look through the history of the democratic party, there's always these flashes of enthusiasm for these populist anti-wall street candidates. some of them, most of them, have always flamed out because they do tend to appeal to only a small part of the base. campuses and white liberal, cultural liberal. but not necessarily with minorities or the working poor. their argument, "new republican" argument is that has changed, the combination of the 2008 financial crisis and barack obama as president has shifted the party. they're ready and eager for a candidate like warren. certain be thithings like the b blasio election in new york prove that. and this is where the party should be. >> what positions have warren supported that really get these left wingers excited? >> as kim says, she's an economic populous. she's basically a single issue candidate if she runs for president. she's all about co
Nov 16, 2013 12:35am PST
in massachusetts, they put pictures like this on the wall. the loss to thieves nationally for supermarkets comes to $6 billion a year. the cost has to be made up somehow. >> if we aren't profitable we have to charge more for what we are selling. >> reporter: in many cases it is not the customers after the free stuffing, most of the theft that occurs at your grocery store happens right here at the checkout, at the hand of the employees. watch how this works. an overhead view of the cashier, items traveling past the bar code. see the red target. that is a turkey. what is happening right now, the cashier is suddenly jumping it around the scanner so it is not being rung up as a charge. although it is mixed in with other items that are. now, with the turkeys, some places really see a spike, as many as four times more turkeys heisted in november and december, than in the rest of the year combined. basically when you see that turkey being stolen, they have to sell 50 more turkeys to make up for the one that was given away for free. we asked maureen about what happens to the people who get caught? and w
Nov 12, 2013 4:00am PST
boston group exploring potential bid for 2024 olympics the former massachusetts vernor successlly headed the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city. >>> and topping our ne, nearly 2,0 people are confirmed dead in the plippines from typhoo haiyan. officialwarn the death toll could climb to more than 10,000. >>> dens of americanailors and more than aircraft are on their way on board the "uss george washington" to the hard-hit area. military officls say suicides among service members are down more than 22% this year. e number spiked to 349 last yearthe highest since the peagon beganracking in2001. >>> andoronto mayor rob for told supporters monday that he is, quot not going anywhere, guaranteed, follong his admission at he smoked crack cocaine. the city council is expected to vo tomorrow on an unprecedented motion that wld remove ford fromffice if he doesn't take a leave of absence. >>> okay. so in singapore, fans of anime flocked togeth for an ultimate night of playing dress-up. at the annual festival, participants celebrated their passionsor various video ge chacters and japanese anime p
Nov 13, 2013 5:00am PST
the northeast, we've been seeing snow in places like massachusetts, as well as in new york state, in d.c., as well. that's going to start to improve from thursday. we've got high pressure across much of canada and the u.s. today, making for some freeze warnings down in the deep south. your early hours of the morning, wednesday morning, very cold. from thursday, we should start to see things improving. some southerly winds managing to come up and temperatures will improve there. as for the northwest, well, you've got a small system coming in here bringing some showers for the coast and also up in the mountains. some snow showers. it's nothing very intense, but at the weekend there will be a more intense system moving in. down towards the southeast of mexico, heavy rain. most of it falling over the water, but coastal areas will be quite unsettled. wednesday, 5 degrees in toronto, as well as new york city. 8 degrees in d.c., chicago, 3 degrees, 9 in oklahoma city. these temperatures are set to improve from thursday and then into the rest of the work week. on into europe. and things are st
Nov 20, 2013 5:00am EST
two more speakers, and senators -- the gentlelady from massachusetts and washington state. i ask unanimous consent morning business be extended for these two for approximately ten minutes. the presiding officer: is there objection? seeing no objection, the request is granted. ms. mikulski: i now yield to the gentlelady from washington state and then massachusetts. the presiding officer: the gentlelady from washington. mrs. murray: first i want to thank the senator from maryland and the senator from maine for helping to bring so many of us to the floor today to talk about an issue that really cuts across bipartisan -- cuts across partisan lines and has plagued our nation's military and has gone unaddressed for far too long. military sexual assault is an epidemic, and it is right -- it has rightly been identified as such by the pentagon. it is absolutely unconscionable that a fellow service member, the person you rely on to have your back and to be there for you would commit such a terrible crime. it is simply appalling that they could commit such a personal violation of their brot
Nov 20, 2013 4:00am PST
chair nominee janet yellen stressed the need to keep interest rates low. in a letter to massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. yellen wrote that unemployment reaching 6 and a half percent was not a trigger and that "monetary policy is likely to remain highly accommodative long after one of the economic thresholds... has been crossed." "the biggest challenge we have is credibility, that we will do whatever it takes to get the economy back and get inflation up to 2%." speaking before a conference of bankers, charles evans, president of the chicago fed offered a total amount for the fed's asset purchase program but no time-table for tapering. "we're probably going to end up purchasing at least 1.5 trillion dollars until we finally end this, and it maybe more. " despite improvements in europe, global economic growth is expected to lag this year and next. to the organization for economic cooperation and development-- forecasts growth of just 2.7% this year and 3.6% next year.the group describes the global economy as "stuck in first gear". mexico is experiencing something of a renaissanc
Al Jazeera America
Nov 20, 2013 2:00pm EST
, or it was thought initially. the family plot in massachusetts. purelily happenstance, there had been no other president buried there, the president ended up there where we now see the internal flame which was inspired by something that jackie saw in paris, it now draws visitors from around the world. bill clinton had met kennedy as a young man, shaking president kennedy's hand in the rose garden in the early 60s, and then president obama, who of course, gained the endorsement of the kennedy family, edward kennedy, who is interred next to his brother, and caroline kennedy, as it happens, was installed as ambassador to japan in tokyo just yesterday. president obama, president clinton, hillary clinton, michelle obama at the grave side. >> there was the ceremony where 16 people received the presidential medal of freedom today. >> reporter: the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land was instituted by john f. kennedy some 50 years ago. some 500 distinguished individuals who have provided this country with service as the award goes throughout the years has been awarded
Nov 21, 2013 3:00am PST
and the delay of the navy property. obviously the navy property massachusetts has been through idealize as we talked about the navy clean up. we have to change the schedule to move the project forward. most significantly you know, we really requested that the developer reorganize the phasing to enable al lettuce griffith to proceed. when we approved the project in 2010 we negotiated that the alice griffith revitalization would be linked up for the phase two market rate development. while it seemed smart tempting at the time it wouldn't allow the developer to start without doing alice griffith we didn't anticipate the display that actually prevented us from starting on alice awhile we wait for the navy he property. the new phasing is responding to the decouple of of the shipyard and the alice griffith now with the 349 could precede. the additional piece i wanted to mention i know the - this phasing schedule is something that must get reviewed by the california economical quality act we're working with the sequa to identify anything that my create additional economical impacts. generally, we do
Al Jazeera America
Nov 21, 2013 11:00am EST
reallied from tragedy, so did the kennedy family, when jfk was laid to rest in massachusetts. but it was a stranger who played a rohl. in 1963, paul was a part-time tour guide at arlington house. one day, eight months before dallas, he had an unexpected visitor. >> it was in the late afternoon, early evening, and cars pulled up. a gentleman with ear phones hopped out and said the president is here. >> almost unthinkable now, the president was out on a lark. >> he said he and his friends were driving around town looking at the city. and they thought to come up here. >> he led them on a tour of the house. >> then we came out here, and the city is incredible. >> the word kennedy spoke next grew large in november. >> he paused a little bit longer and the city is beautiful. and he said, this is so lovely, i could stay here forever. >> i could stay here forever. a friend with. president that day remembered those words as the family remembered the site of the burial, he told them the story. and soon, he had mere vip visitors. >> robert kennedy asked if that would could be done, c
Al Jazeera America
Nov 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
jfk laid at rest at his home in massachusetts. paul fuqua was a part-time tour guide at arlington house. it sits atop a hill overlooking the cemetery. one day paul fuqua had an unexpected visitor. >> it was late afternoon early evening, and cars pulled up, and a gentlemen with head phones said the president is here. he said he and his friend were just driving around town looking at the city and looked up here, and he had never been here, so they thought they would come up here. and then we came out here and the city is incredible. >> the words kennedy spoke next would loom large. >> we paused a little bit longer, and he said this is so lovely, i could stay here forever. >> a friend with the president that day remembered those words. he told the family the story. soon paul fuqua has more vip visitors to scout it out. >> robert kennedy asked if that could be done? could that be a grave cite? and secretary mcnamara said yes, he could convert it to that use instantly. and so that was it. ♪ >> the day came. kings, queens, and leaders from around the world, joining the grieving widow,
Nov 21, 2013 12:00pm PST
is creating tension in a tight-knit massachusetts town. someone painted racial slurs, including the "n" word on the home of a lunenberg high family. the family supports the decision. the community is outraged. >> it makes us assume that we are guilty. >> eventually the truth's going to come out. we will find out who did this, but as far as the thanksgiving game, let's not break tradition. let's play. >> the deciding factor came after officials learned leunenburg players yelled racial slurs at a visiting team earlier in the season. local police and the fbi are investigating the graffiti. >>> the cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport has finally taken off. it touched off about an hour ago. the plane was supposed to carry parts for boeing's oversized 787 dreamliner to mcconnell air force bay in kansas. audio from the cockpit reveals that mcconnell gave the pilot clearance to land, but instead, the plane touched down at a small airport eight miles away late last night. there was one problem. the runway was too short for the giant plane to take off while loaded. >>> a developing story now
Nov 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
's insurance fix and will not let insurers fix cancelled plans. they are joining massachusetts, new york and this is where the enrollment is going well so they don't want to disrupt that. >> bertha coombs, appreciate it. >>> coming up, a look at baltimore's leaky infrastructure and the money being washed away with it as mission critical, fixing american cities continues. >>> google is coming out with something new. they will offer a prepaid debit card so you can pay at stores and withdrawal cash from atms. it's called the wallet card because it's tied to a smart phone app that works like paypal. the card will be free with no monthly or annual fees. >>> shares of tesla have taken a pounding after a series of battery fires but owners of tesla still love their cars and a new consumererer port says tesla model s received the highest customer satisfaction rating of any car the magazine surveys in years with owners giving the score 99 out of 100. >> wow. >>> all this week nbr looked at troubled finances of big american cities. today, we looked at baltimore plagued by leaks, not leaks of inform
Nov 22, 2013 12:00pm EST
small business, another small business wants a $20 co-pay. so we know that from the massachusetts connector experience in small group market and we know that based on the commercial side of the market. and i have a private board that made many of these decisions with a lot of input from policy stakeholder workgroups. so we decided early on that we wanted, that we didn't want to limit products. we wanted carriers to be as innovative as they wanted to be. the one early decision that we made, which was unanimously recommended by all stakeholders including consumer groups, providers and carriers was that we would not allow benefits substitutions to the central health benefits package. and so that products could have additional benefits like acupuncture as an example, if not one of the core benefits. so the variation in product is really additional benefits on top of the essential health benefits benchmarked and the variation in your out of pocket liability. so the co-pay, coinsurance, et cetera. >> thank you. spent thank you. i also work in coalition with many asian-american organizat
Nov 23, 2013 12:00am EST
. johnson becomes john mccormick of massachusetts who is the speaker of the house. he is next in line. we were told a few minutes ago that the air force had jet planes on the ramp by nearby andrews air force base ready to take off. texas and maybe they have by this point. they will bring mr. johnson and other members of the parties back here and or to take some of the kennedy family to texas. i assume mr. johnson will return to washington immediately and will take over the late president kennedy's duties. that is about all of the detail we have at the moment. the president's brother was presiding over the senate in lyndon johnson's absence. when the vice president leaves his job in the senate he can turn his gavel over to anyone. senator edward kennedy was presiding when the word came of the shooting. it was not known whether the president was dead or alive at the time. a reporter in the press gallery gave the word to a senate page went down and told senators on the floor. the senate was adjourned immediately and was called back into session for a prayer. in the meantime, the members left
Al Jazeera America
Nov 23, 2013 2:00am EST
of modern-day slavery are coming to clight light. >> the former state lab member from massachusetts pleaded guilty to tampering with results. close to 350 people have been released from prison as a result. >> canada is taking new steps to end cyber bullying. after several high-profile cases of teen suicide, canadian lawmakers are considering a bill making it illegal to share intimate images on line. daniel lak tells us why. >> canadians were can't vated and appalled when a plaintiff video by 15-year-old amanda todd was seen across the country. posted on youtube it went viral after she killed herself, a victim of bullying by extortionists, who persuaded her to take obscene webcam pictures and black mailed her. retaya parsons was 17 when raped at a party and pictures posted online. she killed herself, as did todd loyt an a 15-year-old from the canadian prayeries, bullied relentlessly. >> a lot thing on line they can be anonymous. the anonymity contributes to it. it's also the fact that it's 24/7. >> cyber bullying is mostly sexual and aimed at immature scenes that are not equipped to do deal
Nov 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
knock-out los remonta a los primeros casos que le costÓ la vida a un hombre en massachusetts, piensan que este nombre se ha mantenido, pero el surj momento de internet lo ha vuelto a poner popular una vez mÁs. >> cientos de personas y lÍderes comunitarios realizaron una marcha para protestar contra el trÁfico de personas confines sexuales la manifestaciÓn tuvo lugar en una calle utilizada para compra y venta de niÑos vÍctima de abuso sexual, 3.000 menores de edad han sido comprados o vendidos en los Ángeles para actividades sexuales. >> a 6 aumentÓ el nÚmero de oficial de la marina involucrados por escÁndalos de corrupciÓn, el mÁs reciente fue david quien fue sorprendido por una empresa acusada de sobornar a oficiales del cuerpo armado, entre los cargos estÁ el recibo de dinero en efectivo, boletos para conciertos inclusos servicios de prostitutas. >> honduras elige presidente este domingo los candidatos favoritos son castro y juan orlando hernÁndez entre quienes existe un empate segÚn las encuestas salvador estÁ en san pedro zula. >> honduras no solo va a elegir a un
Al Jazeera America
Nov 23, 2013 12:00am EST
of a massive crime scandal in massachusetts has been sentenced to prison. annie ducan has admitted to falsifying records and led to release of hundreds of drug convicts. that's it for the headlines. america tonight is up next and remember, you can always get the latest on >> on america tonight: the journey we'll never forget. the story of president kennedy's lasting legacy and his last voyage. >> we have the transfer of power, the official of state business, going on just a few feet in front. and here we have the private horror of a widow with her murdered husband. >> also tonight, fading away, capturing what might be the last looks of a vanishing culture. >> i believe these people have a wealth, an emotional wealth, cultural wealth that we do not have any more. >> and big dreams, small space. adam may: little tread. >> it will always be my place. >> it won't get away. >> from the museum in washington, d.c. and the three shots were fired exhibit focused on the assassination of john f. kennedy, i'm joie chen, thanks for being with us. it's been 50 years since presid
Nov 22, 2013 4:00am EST
. >>> the massachusetts high school student accused of killing his math teamer has been indated. prosecutors charged 14-year-old phillip chisliip chism. he stole her credit cards, underwear, and phone. ke had previously pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >>> kennedy cousin skakel woke up a free man for the first time in 11 years. he faces a possible retrial in the 1975 murder of his neighbor martha moxley. last month the judge ruled he was not properly represented in his original trial. >>> and overseas, a man and a woman who were arrested on charges who held three women as virtual slaves for decades are free on bail. the women were rescued from a house in london and are said to be doing remarkably well under the circumstances. mark phillips reports. >> reporter: police said they moved in on a house in london after they discovered a tip that three women had been held there against their will for 30 years. a woman's protection charity arranged for the escape and the police arrested an m and a woman both in their 60s. the trapped women had apparently been allowed out occasionally but only under strict
Nov 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
authority. he compares the health insurance exchanges with those that he created in massachusetts in 2006. washington journal is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on cease and. -- on c-span. in his weekly address, president obama affirmed his commitment to creating growth and jobs. congressman mike burgess gave the republican address. he criticized the poor rollout of the health care law. >> i know that many of you have never been more frustrated with washington. if you look beyond those headlines, there are good things happening with our economy. that has been my priority since the day i walked into the oval office. the middle-class has worked harder and harder to keep up. we made the tough choices required, not just to be cover from crisis but to rebuild on new foundations for a stronger, more durable economic growth. we fought our way back. our business is created 7.8 million jobs. another 200,000 americans went back to work last month. the american auto industry has become boring back -- has, boring back --roaring back. we are leading the charge in a manufacturing's sector that has added jobs
Nov 23, 2013 3:00pm PST
with the foyer and so forth i want to say that as a member of the friends of camp massachusetts our committee who are obviously devoted to helping the commission. i know that mr. kislingbury has been in contact are our president joe in helping to counterfeit the cam so again, i want to extend myself there. the other organization i represent it the horseman's association. and again, i'd like to offer our assistance in things in san francisco to help out especially berry kit field for example, that is in disrepair and the area is closed to horse riders and so forth the gates locked it makes it difficult for people to bring in their rigs and a horses and try to do an event and i would as the president of the organization offer our services to the recreation and park department to help to improve the facilities through our organization and perhaps developing a friends organization and getting other atrocities to assist in this venue i think it's important that san francisco don't lose out on the ability to come out to golden gate park and learn about horses. so thank you very much >> thank you. nex
Nov 24, 2013 6:00am EST
in massachusetts where whittier was from. i had whittier rammed down my throat and didn't like him much. when the library of america called me to do the book on whittier, i thought, all right. i reread him and he was marvelous. i was too young for him. besides being a good poet. he was a wonderful man in many ways and was a long time abolitionist. he was more than antislavery. he wanted slavery enended. he didn't the president in a gradual way. i was interested in literary figures whom we know as literary fill your and their history. >> we come to history from a similar literary place. my graduate degree is in american literature, and i live on man tuck et largely because i like mobby dick. [laughter] and he does. >> i wrote a little book about that. and -- >> i'm a fan. and -- like wise. continuing and i was actually named for nathaniel haw thorn. wasn't it said that his biography of franklin piers was the greatest work of fiction he had ever written. >> yeah, it was said that. and he dedicated. when he dedicated a book to franklin piers. raffle -- ralph waldo emmerson took it out. he wrote
Nov 25, 2013 4:00am EST
as well. welcome. >> mr. david cotton, commissioner of banks for the commonwealth of massachusetts. he has served in that position since november 2010 seeing supervision of 2,000 banks and credit unions with assets in excess of $325 billion. mr. cotney is an active contributor to consumer protection efforts both in massachusetts and nationally. in 2013 he was elected as vice chairman of the board of directors of the conference of state bank supervisors on whose behalf he testifies here today. welcome mr. cotney. miss shasky, cavelry. >> i'm director of treasury p crime enforcement or fincen. i'm here to discuss the work doing at fincen for illicit actors to exploit u.s. financial system as technological advances such as u.s. currency create new ways to move money. recognizing the potential for abuse ofer merging new payment methods and understanding that the antimony laundering protections must keep pace with these advancements fincen began working with our partners several years ago to study the issue. here is what we learned. illicit actors might decide to use virtual currency for many o
Nov 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
hebrew and published in 1640. it was done by the puritans out of the massachusetts bay, colony. one of the remaining copies will be auctioned by soth by's in new york. and the estimated value 15 to $30 million. >> if they only knew back then what they were making. >> right. >>> tony and stephie are cooking up turkey, bolognese. >> i love the smell of basil. >> i thought you were eating. >> i could try a little piece of fresh basil once in a while. it is good for you. gives you clean breath, i hear. >> and it does. >> and we browned the turkey a little bit. sauteed it with white onions. >> once it was brown, we put in the tomato paste. the tomato paste covers everything and then add the sauce and then 5-10 minutes, it comes together and it reduces down. >> we will add some cheese here. >> when you add cheese, a little bit of pasta water because the cheese will take out any moisture. >> nice and spicy with a lot of red pepper. >> go ahead. >> is that all right? >> perfect. >> regular pepper and a touch of oregano. >> put that on top. and this is what we meant with the color. isn't tha
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
, your smart parents have decided instead of driving all the way to massachusetts, you get to fly. >> we are leaving today. we just bought the tickets last night. we didn't want to drive. >> you just bought last night? how expensive was that? >> it was painful. >> as for the airlines, they are not running scared just yet. >> a storm this lanch throughout the east coast is going to have some effect on the flight system. but looks like the airlines are going to tough it out and not precancel flights like they would before a winter storm. >> some airlines have liberal rebooking policies and will let you make a change due to the weather. that won't be easy this weekend. >> you should try to stick out the flight you've got. even if it's a little delayed. >> at national airport, peggy fox, wusa9. >> now if you are the one of the 39 million americans expected to travel by car, you might want to fill up today. according to aaa fuel gauge report, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.29 today. that's up a penny since yesterday and 8 cents since last week. you ca
Nov 27, 2013 5:00am PST
by the puritan in the desert the massachusetts bay colony just twenty years of the pilgrims landed at that. and mm. thus chose to read it chose to do this each of the champions league are the latest on what they want. let's think a cup of cheese. they won't listen to and that is due to regional stability. with a convincing three one. every meal. those were the corsair would help to frustrate the will to fight off to get you started to work out. that's the coveted gold but stephen was lovely to read. please also. rebates for eric's held on the job loss and it's what gets the boundary of the tasman sea sprite. it was clear of celtic and unstable off the pace up a bit disappointed we lost a standing start. but just didn't know it it will be looking to put that place in the last sixteen at the champions league with a take on one of the concert on wednesday. david morse is medicated to them to the top of group a with two victories in two tours were once again be without stopping by and say that i did it. consumers who continues to be sidelined with a cord injury. it is still covered from concus
Nov 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
that as a vehicle to talk >> it's interesting in massachusetts they did a pilot where they assigned specific voufrndz we have the rental voucher program they assign the vouchers to schools to their high-risk children could receive the vouchers to cope the kids in school to improve their test scores. many parents because of the lack of affordable housing shuffle from dissected. a study was done where basically kids in k0ir7bd there was only 11 percent chance they would be there in 12 grade it was because they were moving between school districts. we invest in families and don't coordinate it investment but we need to coordinate investment not only in terms of housing but in terms of food investment and safety and in terms of being able to reduce community violence. all of those things are interrepelled in health. today we are going talking about health and health care as a flafrm and how housing and health care could work together but the school is an incredibly important partner. i agree and i think the research is coming out more and more viflt in place matters and thinking about place is o
Nov 28, 2013 4:00am PST
and massachusetts have the day off. blue laws rule where shopping is prohibited today. >>> time for stories you may have missed, the holiday travel for most people is other or nearing the end. that massive holiday storm that grounded planes and delayed trains is moving off the east coast. forecasters say it will be gone today leaving behind strong winds. >>> two people were killed in brazil after a crane collapsed at the site of a stadium that will host next year's world cup. an investigation is under way. >>> pizza hut decided to rehire a manager after he was fired for refusing to work thanks gufg. tony rohr was asked to keep his franchise open. once message spread on facebook the company backtracked. >>> you can call him iron man. in japan kimio nakagawa was recognized by the japan government for excellent ironing. each year the labor ministry pecks out the nation's finest craftsman, usually a chef or craftsman. he irons by hand not a presser. he says the best iron never leaves a trace. >> look at that fold. >> so masterful he gets orders from people hundreds of miles away. i could use him in my
Nov 28, 2013 10:00am EST
economic growth. the state of massachusetts has generally been very well on this and basically massachusetts has imported high skilled, high education people. it's exported metal skill that is a relatively small state. you have got, what, six-point something million people in a little less than arizona. california has 38 million in texas has 25 million. so massachusetts is almost like a single nice metro area that's worked out pretty well. but you still have pretty high levels of any quality as well. so, you know, call on the people that say they want more inequality -- more income equality how come the places that you run have the highest income inequality. and they think the answer is you tax the middle income people out, you have high housing costs by environmental regulations and other things like california, for example but also, metro new york. no population increase in the last 40 years. it's the same. immigrants in and americans out. that's been the pattern. if you want to raise a family and you are not high income, phd educated, you have a decent job, what does the hou
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
and turkey and head straight to the stores. however, shopping in maine, rhode island and massachusetts is illegal thanks to some blue laws. some wish that was the case at home. know. i don't really do this. >> shopping on thanksgiving day could become just as popular as and turkeyl, parades itself. what are you buying? tv for mying a father. >> when do you plan on eating turkey? >> i plan on missing it this year. >> we found people literally camping out outside the store in arlington, virginia. john guys in one tent. gonzalez, abc seven news. >> here is a look at some other stores opening today. most toys "r" us stores will open at 5:00 this evening. asked by will open at 6:00. at 8:00 the mud jcpenney emma coles, sears and target will open. several malls and outlets will open today including outlets in prince george's county. this is video from last week when it opened. it will provide up-to-the-minute traffic and parking information. just check for the #. an update on a pizza hut managers story. the one in indiana who refused to open the store on thanks giving day. we have learned th
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
, technology has put some new twists on the trend. >> reporter: when noel was growing up in massachusetts, her family always emphasized the importance of giving back. the last summer being charitable became difficult when she lost her job. >> when you give or spend when you are unemployed, you know everything is going out, and you have nothing to refill it. >> reporter: but using a website called, she is able to donate charity simply by using the search union. they are a veteran in the field with 50 million visitors last year alone. the company has raised more than $10 million for charities through more than 1.2 billion charitable transactions. it is one of thousands of companies helping you give without giving. on charity miles, earn $0.10 a file for biking and $0.25 a mile for walking or running for one of nine charities. more than a hundred thousand people have raised more than $350,000 using this site. every time you redeem a coupon, money goes to help feed hungry children in the united states. the organization has provided more than 1.3 million meals. redeem coupons on good
Nov 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
, and massachusetts. they say it is illegal to shop on thanksgiving and christmas. sharon chin, kpix5. >>> well stores certainly have been opening earlier an earlier, but in some places, the thanksgiving day hours did not bring the big crowds right away. this old navy in dublin was pretty empty this morning, but thousands of people will be at wal-mart not to shop, but protest tomorrow. 1500 protests are scheduled across the country. they are organized by a group called our wal-mart. made up of associated demanding better wages and dignity on the job. they said they want an end to retaliation against workers for legally protected labor actions. >>> many people this thanksgiving are dodges crime tape around their homes. betty has the latest. >> reporter: this bloodstained banged up mini van is only part of a wild thanksgiving crime spree that crossed three neighborhoods. san jose police say an officer shot and killed the driver after he rammed into a patrol car on kirkland drive. >> the gunshots took place. bang bang bang, real fast. then there was the cash. >> the guy comes, boom. >> reporter: the car
Nov 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
in three states. in rhode island, maine, and massachusetts. they have laws going back to the colonial days which say that shopping on thanksgiving and christmas is illegal. live, kpix5. >> we have new video tonight from sacramento. a dump truck crashed into a house. this is at 7:15. an elderly woman was inside that home. fortunately, she was not hurt. no word on who was driving, but the chp is investigating whether alcohol was a factor in that crash. tonight, we're hearing from san jose neighbors who had the dodge crime scene tape on their way home for thanksgiving dinner. here's why. this morning, police shot and killed a stabbing suspect in this quiet cul-de-sac on kirkland drive. hours later, people living there needed a police escort to go to and from their homes. kpix5 breaks down the three separate crime scenes involving a high speed chase, a carjacking, and several stabbings. >> this spanned two miles and crossed three neighborhoods. sean jose police say an officer shot and killed a drier driver. >> the gun shots took place, you know, bang, bang, bang, real fast. then there was t
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